10 years of suffering with anxiety and now I can honestly say it’s subsided. The changes I’ve made to my lifestyle have given me a renewed lease of life and I couldn’t have done it without Lindsey.

Payroll Specialist

Lindsey is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and it impacts on the body. Easy to deal with, will go the extra mile and is absolutely lovely. Highly recommend




I arrived at Lindsey bloated, worn out, comfort eating and anxious. She instantly made me feel safe and able to commit to adjusting lifetime habits. She explained everything clearly and made me change my mindset. A really brilliant experience.


Performance Artist / Writer

It was nice to feel someone was interested in my health and food choices and cared about my nutrition for a change. This change is not superficial – it’s practical and long-lasting – I’ve implemented changes that have benefitted my entire family and we’re still going strong a month on!



I took a food intolerance test with Lindsey and I’m so glad I did! I’ve now cut out certain foods from my diet. Some of them I suspected but seeing the test results in black and white really helped me mentally to have the willpower and drive to sort stuff out for good.

If you’re thinking about doing a food intolerance test with Lindsey, just do it. It’s literally life changing.



I can thoroughly recommend Lindsey for her practical approach and tangible outcomes. She doesn’t just talk about nutrition and wellbeing, she lives and breathes it, but in a really tangible, practical and useful way.



I was sceptical that nutrition would make the impact I needed, but I was completely wrong! After following the program Lindsey put in place for me, I started to feel better and eventually was able to feel complete back to normal. At each step, Lindsey was encouraging and patient. I couldn’t have done it without her.


Global Director

The best part about working with Lindsay was her non-judgmental, holistic approach. She really takes the time to listen and understand what is going on and she definitely understands the pressures of full time working parents – she just gets it. 


Account Manager

I was a little blind diet-wise, but having a session with Lindsey helped me put some depth into my decision making around what I put in my body. If you are thinking of working with Lindsey, get ready for some positive change.



By the end of the fortnight I was walking on air, it made such a huge difference and all of my pre-detox scores improved dramatically. I really recommend this programme.


Senior Account Director

Lindsey is exceptional, she listens to you and tailors her approach to your specific needs.

It’s never the wrong time to invest in your health and wellbeing. It comes back tenfold and you will never regret working with Lindsey. 


Operations Manager

Trying to find the right approach on your own just isn’t the same as talking it through with an expert who listens to your problems/habits/lifestyle and works through them all to give you a method that works best for you.

mY Ma

Office Operations Manager

I took a food intolerance test with Lindsey. Daily pain was the main factor.

My joint stiffness particularly in my knee’s has gone down by 75% and my fingers by about 60%. My cardio/muscular recovery rate is also at a 10 yr high.

I recommend this to everyone as it’s essential knowledge and the changes can be complete game changers for you both physically and mentally.


Managing Partner

Lindsey’s attention to detail and constant support is brilliant. I can’t recommend her enough and the results speak for themselves. I have more energy and I’m not in pain anymore. It’s helped my physical and mental health and in these uncertain times, it’s good to know that this part of my life is in check.  


Freelance Session Hair Stylist

Working with Lindsey switched a light on. Without judgement, pressure or assumption she coached me to recognise lifestyle and food triggers and helped me find new and simple ways of eating well. 

I enjoy food more and my tastes have changed. When losing weight is a by-product of a change in diet, rather than the driver, it completely changes your perception. 


Head of Faculty

I felt unwell most of the time with stomach cramps and had such low energy that I couldn’t enjoy the time I spent with my son or focus that well at work.

Having the space to talk and learn really helped me make some big changes in my attitude to food and my body and how I cook for me and my son. The supplements Lindsey recommended also really helped get my body back on track. 


Managing Partner

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