Diet Check

No more guess work

A ‘healthy’ diet has become very confusing in recent years, which is why I have introduced this popular service.

Are you confused as to whether fats are good or bad? Are carbohydrates the devil? Do avocados make you fat? Do you need to be taking supplements?

Should you be eating a vegan, paleo, ketogenic or vegetarian diet?

Would you like me to personally look at your diet? I will take the guess work out of what you are eating. 

How I can help

I would love to review your diet and give you personalised feedback so you can feel confident that the diet you are eating is right for you.

I will take into account food preference, likes/ dislikes, intolerance, religious dietary restrictions and budget.

Unless you have a specific health problem, a healthy and sustainable way of eating doesn’t need to be complicated.

I will ask you to complete a questionnaire and fill out a 7-day food diary which I will analyse and give you personalised feedback on during a 45-minute video call.

The investment for this service is £99

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