Hello there,

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist with a holistic approach to my practice. I work alongside my clients to create personalised, tailored programmes with clear and realistic advice to help them achieve a healthier, happier life.

I work with a variety of people including those…

  • with long term health problems
  • weight loss
  • seeking education to achieve optimum health at any age
  • looking to attain specific health goals
  • wanting to optimise energy levels

I aim to work with my clients to motivate, support and to provide long-lasting changes in attitude towards health and lifestyle. My practice incorporates nutrition, lifestyle advice, supplementation and laboratory testing if necessary.

My bespoke advice addresses a wide range of concerns including areas of digestive health, food allergy and intolerance, weight management, peri and postmenopause nutrition, stress management, diabetes and fatigue.

My Story

I have always been passionate about the medicinal power of food. Understanding how food nourishes our bodies to keep us energised and resilient both physically and mentally and how on the flip side, it can deplete us, impacting everyday life.

I believe cooking is a great form of mindfulness at a time when we are always connected to technology. Teaching children to cook is a great life long skill. Cooking can also be fun and creative and eating with friends and family gives us a sense of connectedness. 

I started cooking meals for my family at around 13. My parents worked long hours so I would often cook dinner for myself, my brothers and my Grandad, who lived with us. This gave me a great foundation for cooking basic food.

I went to University in Nottingham at 18 to study Business and took the fact that I could cook for granted. I was surprised to see how many people struggled to put together a basic meal and how much food and money was going to waste because of this. I spent a lot of time teaching and guiding friends on how to food shop and cook on a tight budget. 

In my early 20’s I moved to London and spent many years working in the fashion and advertising industries, but it never felt like the right fit for me. When I thought about what I could happily do every day for the rest of my life, it was to cook and teach people about the wonderful medicinal benefits of a nutritious diet and lifestyle.

I spent 3 years studying Nutritional Therapy, evenings and weekends alongside my full-time job. I had my first daughter, Willow in my final year of studying and once qualified, I set up my business while on maternity leave.  This has given me first-hand experience in juggling a very hectic life and I know how easy it can be to let your own needs slip when you’re spinning lots of plates.

Eating well is not just for our physical health but also our mental and emotional health too

I love food – I think it is wonderful stuff! I love cooking for myself, friends and my family but since having two children, I have less time than ever. I know that despite a lack of time, it is possible to eat a wholesome diet that will keep you energised, maintain weight and keep your immune system strong.

Have you been putting your own needs after everyone else’s? Is it taking its toll on how you feel?

How long have you felt like this? I often work with clients who have been experiencing symptoms like digestive issues or extreme fatigue for years.

What’s important is what you do most of the time, not all the time. A healthy relationship with food is not about deprivation or perfection. It’s about understanding what is right for you as an individual and how you can implement long term daily habits.

I wholeheartedly believe that eating should be an enjoyable experience. I do not believe that you have to deprive or starve yourself to achieve your goals, whatever they are. 

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