Food Intolerance Package

Empowering you to take control of your health

The ongoing rise in food intolerance isn't a fad, it is a very real problem and needs to be taken seriously. I have been working with clients in my clinic for two years now and 80-90% have signs and symptoms of a food intolerance, and it’s because of this that I have created a programme that gets straight to the root cause. The symptoms of an intolerance can often be debilitating and embarrassing so I want to give people the hard facts along with my support and guidance to enable them to take control of their own health.

I don’t recommend the off-the-shelf food intolerance tests that are widely available as interpreting their results can be confusing and trying to implement changes without a professional is difficult. Any food groups removed need to be replaces with an alternative so you don't become deficient in nutrients. My extensive experience of food and nutrition means that we can implement the necessary changes together with minimal disruption and confusion and I will also offer you ongoing support so you can stick to it. Afterall, I make healthy living uncomplicated for people!

What is a food intolerance?

Food intolerance symptoms are varied and can be very disruptive to a person's life. They occur when you experience a food-specific IgG reaction which is referred to as an ‘intolerance’ to a particular food or drink. This is an immune response and the body can produce a range of inflammatory responses if it incorrectly identifies a specific food or drink as a threat.

What are the symptoms?

Bloating - Digestive discomfort - Stomach ache - Constipation and/or diarrhoea - Migraines - Headaches - Anxiety - Skin problems like eczema - Generally feeling unwell - Fatigue

Do you suspect something you are eating is causing any of these unpleasant symptoms but you can’t pinpoint the culprit?

Do you feel overwhelmed at the thought of cutting entire food groups out of your diet in the hope it might resolve your symptoms?

Perhaps cow’s milk is the cause of your bloating, or bell peppers are giving you hives. Maybe an unsuspecting food like chilli or lentils are causing your digestive distress or coffee is the real reason for your headaches.

What are the benefits of testing?

The complex way food affects our lives is an emerging area and identifying which foods could be causing symptoms can be difficult.

Food intolerance testing cuts out any guesswork so you implement change and start seeing immediate results. It offers a fast-track solution to identifying your trigger foods and this knowledge helps to guide nutritional and lifestyle modifications to maintain or restore optimal health and wellbeing.

What’s included in the programme?

1 x Food intolerance test (value £211)

120+ foods are tested including wheat, gluten, cow’s milk, soya, avocado, salmon, tea, coffee, tomato and many more.

1 x 45 minute call to discuss results and create a personal plan.

It can be overwhelming when you discover that there are foods you need to eliminate from your diet but we will discuss how you can easily implement changes so that it’s easy and works for you.

1 x 30 minute follow up call

These will be scheduled 2 weeks after our initial call and we will discuss your progress, any difficulties you're having and how and when you might be able to reintroduce foods back into your diet (removing foods doesn't necessarily have to be permanent).

Laboratory test provided by Cambridge Diagnostics, who offer premium quality diagnostic testing.

Are you ready to get to the bottom of your ongoing symptoms ?

Here’s how it works;

1. Your test will be ordered within 24 hours of payment and I will send you a questionnaire to fill in so I have your background information before we speak

2. The test kit with instructions will be delivered to your door within 4 working days

3. You send a finger prick blood test back to the lab

4. The lab then sends your results to me within 10 days

5. As soon as I receive your results we will book in our 3 calls

Frequently asked questions

What if I am a vegan or vegetarian? Will I be tested for foods I don’t even eat?

If you are vegan or vegetarian there is no point in testing for the foods you don’t eat so let me know and I can organise a different intolerance test for you that doesn't include meat and/or dairy.

What if I am pregnant?

It is not recommended that you do the test when you are pregnant.

I am taking medication. Can I still do the test?

Yes, although it is not advised to do the test if you are on any immunosuppressant medications.

Who is Lindsey Jenkin?

Lindsey is an experienced Nutritional Therapist with a holistic approach to her practice. She specialises in supporting individuals who suffer from Anxiety, stress & fatigue. Lindsey works alongside her clients to create personalised,
tailored programs with clear and realistic advice to help them achieve their
health goals.

What people say about working with Lindsey?

Get ready for some positive change.

Ed, London

Everyone kept telling me how healthy I looked and I’d never had those sort of compliments before!

Jess, London

Once you get your head around it, it’s an easy programme to follow and Lindsey’s guidance is awesome.

Emma, London

My skin and eyes were super clear. I did lose some weight, but my favourite part was that it made me really conscious of what I was eating and pushed me to be organised. I really enjoyed the routine of it. I’m a smoker so I plan to do the programme again in January and this time round I want to stop smoking for good.

Cathy, London

I had always suffered from digestive discomfort after meals. I never knew what was causing it, but after eliminating all the potentially allergenic foods I realised that I was intolerant to dairy. I felt great after the programme finished and have carried on a lot of the eating and lifestyle habits. I now feel I have a much better understanding of what I should and shouldn’t be eating. I would definitely recommend it!

Hannah, London

I noticed a big improvement in my skin tone, my eyes were brighter and best of all for me was the overall improved sense of “wellbeing” – I noticed after about 5 days that I was generally feeling much more positive and upbeat. Losing some weight was a great bonus too. The programme was well planned, clear and the support throughout was really helpful

Katie, Cambridge